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 In this forum you can see new (good one) thread about Parking Lot
Views: 1615 | Added by: ideas-free | Date: 11 Feb 2009

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The hottest topic of nowadays is energy shortage. There are a lot of discussions about alternative sources, conservation and the ways of saving. One of the unsolved problems is energy storage in a large quantity which cause to non renewable losses, necessity in spare power and its maintenance. According to the author opinion the best energy storage device for nowadays is Gravitational Accumulator...  
Views: 40618 | Added by: ideas-free | Date: 15 Dec 2008 | Comments (1)

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There are the cars with trunks, and without this one. The cars without trunk are better for driving, light, cheaper, need less area for parking and more economic. The car with trunk - have trunk. But mainly we don’t need the trunk every day. So, the idea is demountable trunk. Manufacturers of cars will prepare simple device for trunk attaching and sell the trunks as option. Those, who need trunks frequently, buy it with the car and other customers take the trunks for rent. For easy use the trunk may be produced from fiberglass - light and strong.
Views: 7325 | Added by: ideas-free | Date: 10 Dec 2008 | Comments (4)

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Medical equipment. Paralysed patient put down in liquid environment, except head. The liquid includes a lot of oxygen for skin breath. Also the liquid may includes medicines and other useful stuff. Filters remove waste of vital functions. Massage for patients's body by the mean of rising air bubbles. The idea allow automate nursing.
Views: 13980 | Added by: ideas-free | Date: 08 Dec 2008 | Comments (1)


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